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Prior to stepping into his role at Southside Clinic, Cameron had a 20 year career working for a number of Federal Government departments. Most recently Cameron was employed for the Australian Taxation Office in a data science analysis role. He brings his impressive skill set to our clinic where he fulfills a number of roles including practice manager, bookkeeper and occasional receptionist.

His favourite philosophy at work is “the numbers tell a story”.

When not at the clinic he can often be seen sipping a mocha or Jameson’s at Dash Café.

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Paula Hobson

Senior Administrator

As the Senior Administrator of Southside Clinic, Paula brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, from her background in HR, to her years of experience managing large retail teams. Paula is also an instructor at our studio, teaching barre and Clinical Pilates.

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Holly Cameron


Holly is completing her Bachelor of Speech Pathology and is working towards completing The Barre Clinic instructor training. Since starting as a receptionist for the Southside Clinic and the Barre Clinic, Holly has loved trying the different barre, yoga and ballet classes as a student, and is working on expanding her knowledge of these disciplines.

When not working at the clinic, Holly also performs as a belly dancer, having studied discovered with Myra Fallon and Gülten Bulca, and has attended intensives with Rose Ottaviano (WA), Phynia Anastas (WA), Lakita (Byron Bay), Ashley Lopez (USA) and Ozgen (Turkey).

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Dianne is one of our physiotherapists and clinical Pilates instructors at Southside Clinic. While attending universtiy in Canberra, Dianne worked as a receptionist at a multidisciplinary allied health clinic. At Southside Clinic, Dianne splits her time practicing physiotherapy, conducting clinical Pilates sessions and behind the desk as part of our reception team. Dianne is also training to be a barre instructor with our sister business The Barre Clinic.

In her free time Dianne enjoys spending time outside with her friends and family and keeps active with her two dogs.

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Originally from the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Pamela worked as a professional Emcee, TV and radio host, dancer, choreographer, and Barre instructor. Pamela holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Multimedia,

We are lucky to also have Pam as part of our team of barre instructors at our sister business The Barre Clinic.

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Tilly Robertson

PR Consultant

Tilly joined our team on the 20th January 2014. She mostly spends her time with Andrea in the treatment room, but also loves to greet every patient as they walk in the front door to reception. She brings lots of love and laughter to our clinic, and we all love her to bits.



Client Concierge

Elsie is Tilly’s sister and joined our team in September 2018. She will often be found in the hallways of Southside Clinic or waiting in the lounge to greet our clients. She also regularly practices Pilates and often heads upstairs to spend time with Paula in the studio.