We totally understand that life gets busy. We are a family owned business and we always try to accommodate our clients’ hectic schedules to ensure you get the care you need. To make sure our clinic is running as smoothly as possible we aim to enforce the below rules.


24 hours notice of cancellation is required for all bookings. As we are a busy and professional health provider - all clients must accept and agree to our cancellation policy. Failure to attend your scheduled appointment not only disrupts your treatment progress but also takes the spot of another client who may have been able to attend in your place. If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment please give us 24 hours notice – otherwise a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged. Please note that cancellations will not be accepted via email or telephone, these must be done online.


If you do not attend your appointment without contacting us, we will charge the full amount of services booked in. (Someone else could have that booking if we know in advance.)


All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Payments are required at the time of your consultation.

RTWSA and MVA claims are sent directly to the insurer provided all necessary claim numbers are submitted. Should the claim be rejected for any reason all invoices become the responsibility of the client.


Please be on time. All clients are kindly asked to arrive on time for each and every appointment – we will do our absolute best to not keep you waiting also as we pride ourselves on running on time.


This is a gentle reminder that our clinic is a place of health and wellness and is a place where people come to receive care.

We ask that if you have little ones with you in the clinic, that you be mindful of our space and other clients. Heavy treatment tables, medical equipment, medicines and needles don’t make for the safest of environments for active children.

To ensure everyone has the quiet, happy experience we aim to provide, we have a few rules we need everyone to play by:

  1. no running 

  2. no spinning, climbing or feet on furniture 

  3. no yelling or screaming 

  4. quiet, respectful play

We want to ensure everyone has a relaxing experience every time they visit Southside Clinic.


We are also lucky enough to get to share our clinic with our two beautiful clinic dogs Tilly and Elsie. Both dogs are incredibly well behaved and love nothing more than a quiet pat from our clients. However, if you would prefer your visit to Southside Clinic be a dog free experience, simply let us know before you arrive and we will make sure the dogs are kept away.

We also ask that if you are a fellow dog owner, you respect that the clinic is Tilly and Elsie’s domain. As the clinic is their home, unfamiliar animals in the clinic can cause them unnecessary stress, so Tilly and Elsie would appreciate that you keep your dogs at home when visiting.

Thank you for choosing Southside Clinic as your health provider – we truly appreciate your support and will do our absolute best to provide you with exceptional health care solutions for many years to come.,