Optimum pre and post natal care.

For womens health, clients MAY LIKE TO VISIT A PRACTITIONER FOR:

  • Pregnancy related aches and pains

  • Pre and post natal care

  • Pelvic floor issues

  • Lower back pain

  • + more


Benefits of treatment may include:

  • Addressing the underlying cause of discomfort

  • An improvement in range of motion

  • Decrease in muscle tension

  • Assistance with ligament stability

  • Improvement in blood supply to the affected area

  • Reduction in swelling

  • Increase in energy

  • Steady return to normal daily activities

The team at Southside Clinic will assess your individual case and work with you to develop the most appropriate action plan going forward. This may include hands on treatment, referral to the GP or other health professional, referral for imaging such as an MRI or X-ray, individual exercise prescription and general nutritional advice.


Research and Evidence:

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Osteopathic manipulative treatment slows or halts the deterioration of back-specific functioning during the third trimester of pregnancy.

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Women are visiting osteopaths for help with common pregnancy health complaints, highlighting the need for research to evaluate the safety, clinical and cost effectiveness of osteopathy in pregnancy.

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Physiotherapy, OMT, acupuncture, a multi-modal intervention, or the addition of a rigid pelvic belt to exercise seemed to relieve pelvic or back pain more than usual care alone.

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A series of osteopathic treatments might be beneficial for women suffering from primary dysmenorrhoea.

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